004- EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Committee on Petitions and the shadow overparent JUGENDAMT (You-Guenn-Taamt)

Dears friends,

Since years we have been trying to get political support from non-german governements and non-German institutions, specifically from the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, to focus international public attention on the activities of the German JUGENDAMT (pronounce: You-Guenn-Taamt).

The JUGENDAMT is a non democratic, nationalistic, political entity, which is hostile to the principles of a non-German Europe. It’s purpose is to guide secretly any german law procedures, in order to set children under German political control, to keep your labor force (yours and this of your children), your ressources, your patrimony and finally your legacy in Germany.

Heavily persecuted by German administration, we managed finally with lot of difficulties to convince the European Parliament – in the third legislature – to investigate on the matter. Unfortunately the German representatives try once more  to impede any democratic investigation.

Therefore I beg you to help us – and help yourself doing so – to put pressure on the committee of petition (PETI), using a modern democratic weapon, mail bombing, to convince all non-German representatives to investigate on the topic, even if it does displease to their German colleagues.

Please read, copy and SEND per email following LETTER to all non-German representatives of the PETI committee.
(the list of email addresses is at the bottom of this letter)

Olivier Karrer

HEADER: Jugendamt – Hearing of the experts by the “working group”

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

Please allow me to address myself to you, as an European citizen and voter. Since decades too many of us, parents, have been struggling against a German family SYSTEM, placed under the close control of the JUGENDAMT (pronounce: ‘You-Guenn-Taamt’). We had to face an omnipotent political system, which did not leave us the least chance to get equity, justice or liberty.

Those of us, who have stood up and opposed this system, like i.e. Mr. Olivier Karrer and Mrs. Dr Marinella Colombo, have been persecuted and condemned. They were jailed to put them to silence. Notwithstanding the problem has remained. As shown by the hundreds of petitions sent to the European Parliament, which remained in suffering.

The Committee on Petitions (PETI ) of the European Parliament has decided to establish a “Working Group” on this issue. This one should meet experts to understand plainly the basics of a system and the billions of Euros that are at stake.

Nonetheless, the few non-german experts on the topic are precisly those parents who have been persecuted. Their knowledge is the very reason of their harassement by German authorities.

This working group decided time ago, that Dr MARINELLA COLOMBO should be one of these experts. After political pressure from German side, it seems that it has renounced to investigate further and refuses to invite her for a hearing.

Under such circumstances, how should you, as a non-German representative, understand the JUGENDAMT system, if the few people able to explain its multiple hidden proceedings, will be put a second time to silence? This is why I address myself to you.

German administration should not longer build on the ignorance of their non-German counterparts to pretend a sovereignty in family law matter, when the arbitrarian and nationalistic decisions of its JUGENDAMT have a direct impact over EC regulations 2201/2003, 4/2009 and 650/2012 in the non-German jurisdictions.

I kindly urge you, Dear Sir, Dear Madam, to support a hearing of Dr MARINELLA COLOMBO within the above mentioned Working Group. Even if this could displease to your German colleagues.

Waiting forward to get your confimation,
I remain with kind regards,YOUR PLACE:


LIST OF ALL MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE ON PETITION OF THE EU PARLIAMENT marco.affronte@europarl.europa.eu; laura.agea@europarl.europa.eu; tim.aker@europarl.europa.eu; marina.albiol@europarl.europa.eu; margrete.auken@europarl.europa.eu; beatriz.becerra@europarl.europa.eu; heinzk.becker@europarl.europa.eu; mara.bizzotto@europarl.europa.eu; soledad.cabezonruiz@europarl.europa.eu; enrique.calvetchambon@europarl.europa.eu; alberto.cirio@europarl.europa.eu; andrea.cozzolino@europarl.europa.eu; pal.csaky@europarl.europa.eu; miriam.dalli@europarl.europa.eu; rosa.estaras@europarl.europa.eu; eleonora.evi@europarl.europa.eu; elisabetta.gardini@europarl.europa.eu; lidiajoanna.geringerdeoedenberg@europarl.europa.eu; michela.giuffrida@europarl.europa.eu; sylvie.goddyn@europarl.europa.eu; takis.hadjigeorgiou@europarl.europa.eu; daniel.hannan@europarl.europa.eu; marian.harkin@europarl.europa.eu; anja.hazekamp@europarl.europa.eu; gyorgy.holvenyi@europarl.europa.eu; carlos.iturgaiz@europarl.europa.eu; peter.jahr@europarl.europa.eu; rikke.karlsson@europarl.europa.eu; jude.kirton-darling@europarl.europa.eu; urszula.krupa@europarl.europa.eu; kostadinka.kuneva@europarl.europa.eu; miltiadis.kyrkos@europarl.europa.eu; svetoslav.malinov@europarl.europa.eu; notis.marias@europarl.europa.eu; edouard.martin@europarl.europa.eu; roberta.metsola@europarl.europa.eu; marlene.mizzi@europarl.europa.eu; jozsef.nagy@europarl.europa.eu; javier.nart@europarl.europa.eu; victor.negrescu@europarl.europa.eu; victor.negrescu-office@europarl.europa.eu; demetris.papadakis@europarl.europa.eu; julia.pitera@europarl.europa.eu; gabriele.preuss@europarl.europa.eu; laurentiu.rebega@europarl.europa.eu; julia.reda@europarl.europa.eu; michele.rivasi@europarl.europa.eu; sofia.sakorafa@europarl.europa.eu; sven.schulze@europarl.europa.eu; josep-maria.terricabras@europarl.europa.eu; eleni.theocharous@europarl.europa.eu; laszlo.tokes@europarl.europa.eu; yana.toom@europarl.europa.eu; elena.valenciano@europarl.europa.eu;

Please think to send this letter to your contact list, so that they could help us in their turn. Thanks

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