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023 – JUGENDAMT: a legal license to lie and to deceit. It’s official.


The procedural document hereunder has been issued by the Chief Public Prosecutor (General Attorney) of Berlin, as a reply to a parent who lodged a complaint against the German Jugendamt (You-Guenn-Taamt), that has made false statements to tear him his child. This document should be understood as an universal evidence, that a Jugendamt can lie and deceive any parent, without having to fear any legal action. 

Let’s see what he said:

In addition, it must be observed that:
The incriminated person (the staff member of the Jugendamt which made a deliberate false statement) could not be charged of having committed a criminal offense whilst making a false statement before the Court, without having taken an oath, for the very single reason, that she has not been heard by the Family Court neither as a witness, nor as an expert, but as a party in its capacity as the German Jugendamt.

According to paragraph §153 of the (German) criminal code (StGB), whosoever makes a false statement before a court, without having taken an oath, in his capacity as a witness or as an expert shall be liable to criminal prosecution.

According to paragraph §162 of the civil procedure code in family matters and in matters of voluntary (non-contentious) jurisdiction (FamFG), the Jugendamt is party in any child care (- the peculiar German understanding of child custody -) legal proceedings. The Jugendamt must be heard by the Court in any proceedings, when the person of the child is concerned. The incriminated person was heard precisely in her function as a Jugendamt’s representative. An extension of criminal offense alleged beyond the existing legal framework is not possible.”

Let us put it now in simple words !

In Germany any witness or expert can be prosecuted, if he makes a false statement in court. The Jugendamt, which has all the powers and immunities, can shamelessly lie or make consciously wrong declarations, without never being set at risk to be prosecuted.

Even worse, the Jugendamt is systematically involved in any proceedings in family matters as a capacity as a third party, that means as a third parent, a State parent, which has full authority on the children, while proceedings are ongoing.

Thus the Chief Public Prosecutor of Berlin provides us here with the indubitable evidence that all  family law proceedings are systematically MANIPULATED in Germany, while there are no legal remedies to challenge it. But he also states that parents are deprived of their parental rights, that are taken over by the Jugendamt, to conduct the trial on their behalf.

This also confirms what I affirm since years: The Jugendamt makes a political decision, according to predefined guidelines obligatorily followed by its whole staff, on the basis of unreal facts or untrue assertions, which it sets up to a recommandation that the court has the duty to legalize.

Here we got it ! Thus, do not waste your time before German courts.
You will never obtain justice. It is as simple as that. It is OFFICIAL.

This information should be taken immediately into account by the non-German governments and the European bodies to impose the immediate suspension of the recognition and fullfilment of any German court order over european regulations.

Please do not forget to share this important information.
It explains in very few lines the plunder policy of non-German parents by the Jugendamt in Germany.

The original document has been intitled:
“legalized false statements – §162 for the protection of the Jugendamt staff members”